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Cox Sports Project


Cox Sports wanted to re-invent the opens to their games. They were finding that their opens felt old and outdated, so they wanted something fresh and exciting. And they knew that Real Media was the studio to create that for them.

Real Media’s Chief Creative, Brad Burrow, had the idea of creating a virtual world similar to the holographic displays in Avatar. The team’s coach would be controlling the play on a holographic table in front of him – moving players and making passes to simulate a football game.


Real Media created a virtual Heads-Up-Display that the coach would be able to interact with. This involved shooting everything in our in-studio green screen. The Real Media animation team then choreographed the coach’s movements with those of the virtual elements and the sound effects to create the final clip.

The production included sound editing, sound effects, video editing, video effects, and animation.

Cox Sports liked the clip so much that they had Real Media create different versions for each of the six shows in their series.

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