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The Kansas City Chiefs wanted to create a memorable video package to help commemorate their 50th anniversary, and they wanted to use a celebrity to help bring attention to the campaign.

The Chiefs initially wanted Paul Rudd to star in the campaign, but he had just experienced a death in the family, so he couldn’t do it. Darius Rucker from Hootie and the Blowfish was their second choice, but he was a die-hard Miami fan, so the Chiefs turned to Trace Adkins, and he agreed to do the promo.

When they approached Real Media about creating this package, Brad Burrow, Chief Creative, had the idea of screens all around the Trace. On those screens, they would have clips of historical moments in the Chiefs franchise that would pop out and move between the screens, as if they were coming alive.


Trace came to the Real Media green screen studio for two hours to read his lines from a teleprompter while the Real Media crew recorded footage. The shoot required a full crew, including a makeup artist, director of photography, sound director, lighting director, and more. Real Media also used a 15’ crane to capture a variety of angles.

Post-production involved creating all of the background elements and sound effects, as well as performing the sound editing, video editing, and video effects. Everything was done in-house at Real Media, from creating the 3D screens to motion tracking the screens to rotoscoping the nfl highlights and creating the pop-out effect.

Real Media created three versions of the spot. The first was a thirty-second TV spot, the second was for in-stadium use, and the third was a ninety-second viral web-version that was used to introduce Todd Haley, Scott Pioli, and the new Chiefs leadership team.

From beginning to end, this project took about 4 months.

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