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National Center for Fathering



Carey Casey, the President of the National Center for Fathering had been deeply involved in the production of the film Courageous, and he had an opportunity to put an ad for his organization on the Blu-Ray release of the film. He knew that Real Media had the expertise and capability to create a world class spot that would impact the viewers of the film.

Carey has a very magnetic, dynamic personality that Brad, Real Media’s Chief Creative, wanted to capture in the video.

They decided to create a visual narrative in the spot – it would begin with Carey walking in a park talking about what it means to be a father, and as he was walking, he would be joined on his journey by other men discussing what being a father means to them. In the end, they would join arms and create a chain of fathers that stretched across the country.


Dustin Colquitt of the Kansas City Chiefs agreed to be a part of the spot because he understood the importance of strong fathering. The video was shot in an afternoon on a RED ONE camera with twice the resolution of HD. Real Media chose Loose Park in Kansas City as the location to provide a green, vibrant atmosphere.

The project had to be rushed in order to be included on the release, but Real Media used a full crew, including a director of photography, makeup artist, lighting director, digital imaging technician, crane operator, grips, and catering.

The National Center for Fathering will use the final video on their website and in general promotions, in addition to its inclusion on the Courageous Blu-Ray release.

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