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Friday Night Lights


Brothers & Company was producing a series of TV spots as a promotional campaign for Kansas Strong, the representative of the Kansas oil and natural gas industry.

This particular spot had a football theme, and they knew Real Media’s reputation within the sports industry for high production value, so they approached Real Media to create it.

The concept of the spot was to highlight all of the objects in a high school football game that would be missing if petroleum-based energy wasn’t used. This includes the helmets, the water bottles, and even the stands themselves.


In pre-production, Real Media produced an animatic, which was a conceptual 3D rendering of the entire video, including camera angles/movement, prop placements, a rough voiceover, and music. The animatic gave the Brothers & Co. a firm representation of what the finished video would look like and gave our crew a visual, shot-by-shot guide for the actual film shoot.


KansasStrong FNL Animatic


For the shoot, Real Media used a full crew, a RED ONE camera (at twice the resolution of an HD camera), and a 20-foot crane for the on-location spot, which was directed by Brad Burrow. The crew included a lighting director, a director of photography, a location manager, a props manager, electrical grips, and catering.

The shoot was accomplished in one day, but the entire production was about a 6 week process.

In post-production, Real Media did all of the sound editing, voice recording, sound effects, visual effects, and video editing.

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